Papo and JackFrom being taught how to make furniture by my grandfather in his professional woodshop as a kid, to taking, literally, every shop, craft, and art course offered at school growing up – including; wood, metal, leather, wax, drawing, and ceramics (I even had my own kiln) − I discovered my love for making things.



I started making birdhouses and feeders because of my wife Melinda’s skills at gardening. Many years ago, we decided to totally redo our backyard. So we shook the Etch A Sketch, so to speak, and started from scratch. Melinda added her wonderfully creative touch with all of the living things and I added my touch to all of the dead things (as I put it). Once it all came to life, birds came from all over the world (just kidding). There were lots of them, however, so I figured it was my responsibility to house and feed them.

I greatly enjoy creating and building these unique bird abodes and feeders, and I love seeing them go to those who appreciate hand crafted items that enhance their home and garden.

When I’m not building something I’m having fun with our three grandchildren, Olivia, Jack, and Holland.